Marvel Tells Fans Waiting For Avengers 4 Trailer To Be Patient


They say patience is a virtue, and it is. But some might also say that when it comes to Avengers 4 and its much anticipated first trailer, the time for patience is over. In fact, that ship sailed a long time ago and just in case you didn’t realize it, Disney releasing the first preview for Artemis Fowl this morning, a movie that arrives several months after the Infinity War sequel, should’ve hammered it home for you.

Nevertheless, patience is what Marvel’s asking us to have now as we continue to wait. Taking to Twitter this week, Co-President Louis D’Esposito teased us by saying that he does know when the trailer will arrive, and wants to tell us, but can’t. Instead, he asked folks to be patient, Tweeting the following to a fan:

“Are you trying to trick me into telling you when A4 teaser trailer will be released?” he asked in a Tweet. “I know the date and want to reveal it, but I can’t. Be patient.”

Again, there’s nothing wrong with patience, and in most situations we’d agree with Louis, but it’s really about time these shenanigans come to an end. For months now, there’s been an endless flood of speculation, false reports and wild rumors all trying to pin down when we’ll see the Avengers 4 trailer and yet, Marvel Studios themselves haven’t announced anything other than that it’ll be here before the end of the year.

Then again, even that’s now been thrown into doubt, with co-director Joe Russo recently saying that we may have to wait until 2019. It’s all getting to be a bit ridiculous, if we’re being honest, and we can only hope that the whole guessing game is brought to an end sooner rather than later.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, eh?