Marvel tried to make Zendaya a superhero in ‘Spider-Man’

Image via Sony

What if…MJ had superpowers? While that might sound like a great episode of a Marvel spinoff show on Disney Plus, it seems we were closer to getting that as a reality in the Spider-Manfilms than we realize.

The revelation comes to us from none other than an interview with Zendaya, who plays MJ in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker.

A video clip of an interview with the pair posed the question to Zendaya: “have you ever asked the producers to develop your character into a superhero…?”

While the Malcolm & Marie actor was quick to shoot the question down, Holland interjected as she was about to give her full response, saying, “They were trying to for a while. Do you remember that?”

Zendaya acknowledged in the affirmative Holland’s remark, saying, “yeah.” But she continued: “But I leave the super-heroe-ing to this one [pointing to Holland].”

Check out the clip for yourself as shared on Twitter by @spideyupdated.

With No Way Home‘s emphasis on multiverse versions of characters many fans are already familiar with, the film certainly would’ve had wiggle room for a super-powered MJ of some sort.

And anyone who is familiar with the crazy alternative universes that exist in the Marvel comics may not be surprised to know that within the extended lore, there actually is a superhero version of MJ — that’s Mary Jane Watson, not Zendaya’s Michelle Jones from the MCU.

According to the Spider-Man Fandom Wiki, known as the hero Spinneret, the super-powered MJ in the comics has all the same powers as her husband, Peter, via a specialized suit.

I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself if Spinneret really does make a cameo somewhere, and we just simply missed it by checking out Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters.