Marvel Studios Not Sure If They Want To Make Deadpool 3


Now that Disney owns Fox, Marvel has the rights back to the X-Men universe and from what we’ve heard, it doesn’t sound like Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is in much of a hurry to get the mainline team in the MCU. He is keen to fold Deadpool into the franchise though and we’ve been assured that Ryan Reynolds will keep his role and not much will change with how the character is presented. Apparently, even his R-rating is safe.

A new report, however, is claiming that Marvel’s unsure of the best way to introduce the Merc with a Mouth into the franchise. The first option they’re considering is the most obvious: make Deadpool 3Prior to the Disney deal, Fox was planning on holding off on DP3 to do the X-Force movie set up in Deadpool 2. It sounds like there’s little chance of this happening now, though, and Marvel would prefer to stick with Wade Wilson’s solo franchise instead.

At least the Disney era of the Merc neatly dovetails with Reynolds’ own plans to use Deadpool 3 to send the character off in a different direction. The star said back in January, prior to the buyout, that he wanted to keep things fresh in order to avoid audiences becoming bored with him. And that’s something the Mouse House will probably agree with.

That said, Marvel isn’t sure if that’s the best option and is apparently also looking at potentially giving the antihero his own Disney Plus TV show instead. If the studio’s worried about unleashing such a loose cannon on the movie side of things, you can understand why they might want to go this route. However, the success of the past two films surely proves that DP has a bright future on the big screen and Marvel would be nuts not to embrace that, right?

For now, nothing’s been decided just yet, but it certainly seems like Deadpool 3 isn’t a sure thing. At the very least, though, Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth will definitely be showing up again. We just don’t know if it’ll be in theaters or on Disney Plus.