Marvel’s Eternals And Thor: Love And Thunder May Be Setting Up This Famous Villain

Marvel’s Eternals is the latest installment within the MCU and the first to showcase a new class of heroes — although new might not be the right word. Eternals are actually some of the most ancient defenders in the realm and some of the most powerful.

A fan theory on Reddit suggests that Eternals provides an ideal window for Gorr’s entrance in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. The user who posted the thread warns any Marvel fan who has yet to see Eternals to turn back — it does contain spoilers.

So, as another warning — this Reddit thread contains significant spoilers for Marvel’s Eternals.

They start with a warning that this will be an extended theory, and then — they jump right in. The heart of the idea is as follows:

“Gorr will be motivated to kill the Eternals of his planet after discovering the Eternals’ true purpose. He discovers that the Eternals cultivate, manipulate and destroy planets for the Celestials. This will be his motivation for his bloody crusade against the gods in the MCU.”

They then go on to explain the motivations and the bloodlust, why the theory works, and how it ties in with Marvel’s Eternals. You can read the idea in its entirety below.

These users build on the theory and use it to see how Marvel could tie in new heroes, planets, and Gods we know from other universes.

Many fans really enjoy the theory and wonder if this will also open the window to have the Greek Gods fit into the storyline.

This user even credits the theory with making them want to watch the movie.

Have you seen Marvel’s Eternals? Are you planning to see Thor: Love and Thunder next year? Let’s talk about it.