Marvel’s Kevin Feige Reportedly Lent A Helping Hand With Venom

Venom Poster Slice

Barring some last-minute change of heart, or a total curveball in the negotiations, Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are headed for a divorce.

It’s a showdown that has, in its spontaneity, rocked the Internet, as coming out of SDCC (and Far From Home‘s billion-dollar success story), everyone believed Tom Holland’s Peter Parker would enjoy a long and fruitful spell in the MCU. Sony, it seems, has other plans. One of which appears to be a Spider-Man crossover involving Venom (and Carnage, perhaps?), as the studio continues to construct a shared superhero universe of its own.

Whether it can possibly compete with Marvel Studios – particularly in light of this Spidey showdown which, if anything, has painted Sony as the de facto ‘bad guy’ – is another question entirely, but it’s clear that Venom is very much integral to the studio’s future plans.

Speaking of which, amid the ongoing fallout surrounding Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, Deadline reports that MCU chief Kevin Feige actually lent a helping hand to Venom – albeit during the throes of production, and therefore long before Ruben Fleischer et al. arrived at a final cut.

If nothing else, it’s an interesting wrinkle in the story, and further proof that Sony and Marvel’s cross-collaboration ran deep. Alas, even after Venom, that has seemingly ground to a halt, despite some still believing that this is nothing more than a gross negotiating ploy to wrangle more money out of Disney. If that is the case, then it could well be that Sony and Marvel – and, by effect, Disney – will ‘kiss and make up,’ ensuring that Spider-Man can remain in the MCU.

But, at the time of writing, the standoff continues. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine who will blink first – if anyone blinks at all.