The MCU’s Doctor Doom Will Reportedly Be Like Darth Vader

doom doctor

Following Marvel’s big-money takeover of Fox, it has always been a case of when, rather than if, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four will be joining the MCU. These iconic characters are expected to be added to the comic book titan’s cinematic universe in the not-too-distant future, along with some exciting supporting cast members. A certain Fantastic Four villain, the mysterious Doctor Doom, has been tipped as a strong candidate for the franchise’s next big bad, and reports suggest Marvel could be taking those calls on board.

Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito has long-been a fan-favorite choice for the role of Victor Von Doom, but according to notable leaker Mikey Sutton, it isn’t just the fans who want the actor to take on the part. The tipster has claimed that Marvel has had internal discussions about the possibility of casting Esposito as the Latvarian dictator, although no talks with the actor himself are believed to have taken place.

Sutton’s latest scoop also includes what he claims are the first details about how Doom will be portrayed in the MCU. Apparently, the villain will be Darth Vader-esque – which makes a lot of sense since George Lucas is said to have drawn inspiration from the Fantastic Four antagonist when creating Vader – and his face is not expected to be revealed prior to the accident which forces him to don his famous iron mask. He’ll also be “mysterious” and political, from the sound of things.

“Doom in the MCU will be mysterious; they don’t want his face to be seen before his accident. He is going to be a serious villain but in the mould of Thanos and Erik Killmonger, whose worldview occupies that grey twilight zone between good and evil.”

If Sutton’s scoop turns out to be accurate, it sounds like Marvel will be doing Doom the right way in the MCU and avoiding the pitfalls that the previous Fantastic Four movies plunged into with the character. Esposito, meanwhile, would be a great fit for the villain due to his knack for playing cold, calculating bad guys. Let’s hope all of the above turns out to be more than just rumors because it’s about time we saw a definitive Doctor Doom on the big screen.