Marvel Star Sebastian Stan Called Out For Taking Extreme Measures In Coronavirus Precautions


As health organizations continue to educate people about the COVID-19 outbreak and ways to prevent the rapid spread of the virus, some people like Marvel star Sebastian Stan are taking extreme measures to make sure that they don’t catch the infectious disease.

With over 150 confirmed cases and 11 deaths in the United States alone, tensions are rising and worldwide communities brace themselves for the possibility of an outbreak in additional countries. Even now, Europe has already turned into a hotspot. Italy, in particular, has implemented extreme measures to contain the virus. Nevertheless, the country has reported more than 3,000 cases with 107 deaths. Germany, France, and Spain are also turning into epicenters, with more and more confirmed cases every day.

Meanwhile, many industries have taken a hit or closed down in an attempt to reduce the spread factor. Previously, we reported that Disney was planning to indefinitely delay the release of Mulan in China and already the Chinese box office revenue has experienced an unprecedented decline. Many manufacturers will have a difficult time managing demand in the near future as well. I mean, in all fairness, what could be more tragic than the possibility of Baby Yoda toys getting delayed?

While different communities continue to grapple with the outbreak, health officials are asking people to take precautionary measures against the possibility of catching the disease. It would seem, though, that some are verging on overkill. Take Sebastian Stan, star of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, for instance, who recently took a flight to Europe and posted a photo of himself on Instagram wrapped in protective layers.

Many quickly reacted to this post, ranging from comments that called Stan “over-dramatic” to those that dubbed him “the CEO of staying safe.” Even several colleagues chimed in and called him out, including Jessica Chastain, Shailene Woodley and Cara Santana, all of whom didn’t miss this opportunity to troll the Winter Soldier.

In his defense, it’s always better to be on the safe side, right? But if you’ve missed Sebastian Stan’s facial features and were angered to see the actor like this, take heart, as the Marvel star will be back later this year in August with the first season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus.