Marvel’s Spider-Man Shortlist Narrowed To 5 Actors


Ever since the Sony-Marvel deal was made official, there’s been only one question on everyone’s lips: who’s playing Spider-Man? The decision for the two studios to enact a co-op agreement permitting the webslinger entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is huge. Its effects will be felt for years to come by hardcore Spidey fans, who will at long last be gifted a fully-sanctioned-by-Kevin-Feige version of the iconic superhero. And while we’re still none the wiser as to who precisely will suit up in the red-and-blue spandex getup, thanks to a tidbit from Steve at Collider, we know that we’re one step closer to finding out:

Steve goes on to mention that it’s probable that Sony or Marvel will out their newest webhead in the near future. This is a commonly shared opinion, considering that Captain America: Civil War is in the beginning stages of production and Spider-Man is believed to make his MCU entrance at some point during Cap’s third adventure.

Early debate posited the idea that this upcoming iteration would retire Peter Parker and instead enlist Miles Morales as Spider-Man. That was later shot down by Feige, who confirmed it would be Parker, but a much younger version never-before-seen onscreen. Recruiting an actor whose real age is closer to the teenage superhero would permit for a longer legacy in the MCU; if he’s too old when he begins playing the character (Andrew Garfield was in his 30s) then the chances of keeping him in the ‘high school era’ of Spidey’s adventures is made all the more troublesome.

As mentioned, there’s no definitive word on who the studio has in the crosshairs for Spider-Man, but it won’t be long until all is revealed. Until that announcement sends shockwaves through the comic community, let us know, who would you like to see play a teenage Peter Parker?