Marvel’s X-Men Will Reportedly Be More Cosmic And Go To Space


If your knowledge of the X-Men was based entirely on the Fox franchise, then you’d likely have no idea that the team’s adventures have frequently taken place across the universe, with the first dozen installments being confined almost entirely to our planet. The closest the previous incarnation got to a cosmic adventure was during Dark Phoenix’s prologue, and even then it was straight back down to Earth for the rest of the movie after that.

However, now that Charles Xavier’s students are officially the property of Marvel Studios, who themselves have been making a concerted effort to expand the size and scope of their cosmic adventures in recent years, the rebooted X-Men could be set to head into space when the time comes for them to be reintroduced as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Disney and Marvel were working on Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk shows before either was officially announced – in order to to establish the clear differences between their version of the X-Men and the Fox franchise, the studio are planning on leaning heavily into the team’s cosmic history and will be taking them to space at some point, possibly as early as their first movie.

Of course, the X-Men have a long history of intergalactic enemies and allies that we’ve never seen onscreen before like the Shi’ar, the Brood, the Phalanx and many more, with plenty of comic book storylines that could be loosely adapted for their latest reboot. We’ve already had a dozen movies with these characters that have been consistently Earthbound, too, so taking the X-Men to the far-flung reaches of the galaxy would instantly allow Marvel to put a fresh stamp on such familiar faces to make it clear that their tenure as a Fox property has well and truly been consigned to history.