Watch: The Batman Trailer With Cats Music Works Surprisingly Well

The Batman

It’s not unreasonable to state that there are few things in the world that could make the nightmarish abomination that is Cats even more of a hallucinatory fever dream than it already is. However, one enterprising fan has found a way: by overlaying its trailer’s audio over the recently released trailer for The Batman – the results of which you can see below.

At almost 40 years old, Cats may be one of the most popular and enduring musicals of all time, but its cinematic adaptation was met with, shall we say, a few dissenting voices regarding its presentation that makes you truly wonder what everyone involved was thinking at literally any given moment. The creator of the mashup didn’t specify exactly what madness inspired them to fuse this with the teaser for the Dark Knight’s latest big screen exploits, but here it is for your, um, enjoyment?

It’s slightly disturbing how well the two marry up in places, with rumbles of thunder from the humanoid felines’ nocturnal alleyways acting as ominous foreshadowing for what’s about to be unleashed on Gotham; Old Deuteronomy’s declaration of “I haven’t seen you before” matching Batman’s first appearance; Rebel Wilson’s scat singing providing sound effects for Batman beating a random thug half to death; the moment in the visuals when an occurrence causes everything to irrevocably go to hell being the point in the freak show when professionally obnoxious narcissist James Corden makes his appearance, demanding attention as though his very presence is worthy of adulation; and the final thought of “Are you going to try for a different life?” being something that Bruce could be asked by anyone who knows him.

The Batman is set to tell a dark tale of the Caped Crusader’s early crimefighting days, and while it’s unlikely to feature any moments of chimeric homunculi spontaneously bursting into song, you could be forgiven for imagining such after this creation sears itself into your brain.