A Huge Spoiler For No Time To Die Has Leaked Online

No Time To Die
Image via Eon Productions

After numerous delays, No Time To Die was finally set to hit theaters this past April, but that plan was pre-empted when the pandemic hit and Sony made the decision to push it back to this fall, a move that many other studios soon copied. Fans feared at the time that plot details would start to leak out given the hold-up, and that’s now been proven true as a whopping, enormous spoiler has surfaced online.

Presumably, if you’ve clicked on this article, you’re interested to know what said massive spoiler is, but if you’ve changed your mind, this is your last chance to look away. OK, here goes…

As per The Guardian, No Time To Die will see Daniel Craig’s James Bond discover that he’s a father. 007’s five-year-old daughter, named Mathilde, will be introduced in the movie. Apparently, the child was spotted on set during filming last year in Italy.

Bond had to have a kid eventually, given the amount of women he’s slept with over the past 57 years, and throwing this curveball into the super-spy’s life is definitely a bold way to keep things fresh in the 25th entry in the franchise. At this stage, it’s unclear whether Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) is Mathilde’s mother, but it’s been five years since Spectre arrived and Bond and Madeleine have been enjoying domestic bliss in Jamaica all this time. So, that would be the most obvious solution.

The leak emphasizes that James will “discover” he’s a father, though, and you’d think that he’d know that if he’s been with Madeleine this whole time. Unless somehow she kept the pregnancy and birth from him and this is the big secret that comes out over the course of the film – as teased in the trailers. Exactly why she’d prevent James from knowing his daughter, however, is hard to fathom.

No Time To Die is set to finally land in the UK this November 12th and the US on November 25th.