Mastodon Will Contribute Songs For Pixar’s Monsters University

Given that Monsters University is set at a time when teenage monsters will make that all-important transition to monster adulthood, it perhaps doesn’t seem quite right to have Randy Newman providing the soundtrack for that far more experimental period. Newman has scored a whole array of Pixar films over the course of his career, though one could imagine Sulley getting into him at about thirty-five – not at eighteen. Monsters attending University much prefer Mastodon, anyway, who – according to Pixar – have signed on to contribute songs to the upcoming Monsters Inc. sequel.

Whereas Randy Newman songs tend to have family-friendly titles like “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” and “If I Didn’t Have You”, Mastodon prefer things to be a little more in your face (thus is sludge metal), what with their songs “Blood and Thunder” and “We Built This Come Death”.

Of course, now that Pixar have embraced a realistic attitude towards the kind of music their characters might be into during University, only time will tell whether or not they choose to explore avenues such as monster frat parties, experimenting with monster drugs, and waking up in a bed with a monster you thought was much, much uglier the night before.

Source: Consequence Of Sound

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