The Matrix Actor Joe Pantoliano Hospitalized After Being Hit By A Car

Joe Pantoliano

Veteran character actor Joe Pantoliano was hospitalized on Friday in Connecticut after being struck by a car, TMZ reports. His wife, Nancy Sheppard, says he was walking with his family when a Porsche that had been hit by another car came across the road and struck him. The Bad Boys For Life and Matrix actor went flying and landed on a wooden fence. He sustained injuries including a “gash” on his head and damage to his left leg and shoulder and was sent to the hospital where he received a CT scan.

Luckily, his injuries weren’t too serious and he’s since been allowed to go back home. According to Pantoliano’s agent, Barry McPherson, the actor is now recovering and resting up.

“He is home now recuperating. He has stitches and is being monitored for a concussion and chest trauma. He is resting and thankful for all the inquiries.”

A photo was later posted on Instagram featuring a banged up Pantoliano giving a thumbs up. He appears to be in good spirits, too, following what must have been a scary experience.

Joe Pantoliano

More affectionately known as “Joey Pants,” the actor rose to prominence in the ‘80s with roles in Risky Business, The Goonies and Midnight Run. The ‘90s proved to be even more successful for him with parts in The Fugitive, Bad Boys and The Matrix. He turned to television after that and even won an Emmy for his role as Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos. His high profile film work seemed to slow down in the past decade, but he did reprise his role as Captain Conrad Howard in Bad Boys for Life earlier this year.

Joe Pantoliano is the quintessential character actor with the ability to play both heavy and comedic parts. He also might be the greatest yeller in movies and one of the all-timers at cursing, able to drop an F-bomb with the best of them. He may have even dropped a few after this incident, but luckily, he’s doing okay now.