Matt Damon Joins Interstellar And Lines Up Directorial Debut


Well this has been a phenomenal week so far for Matt Damon news. First, we hear there’s a chance he may be rejoining the Bourne franchise along with Paul Greengrass, and now, not only has the actor and Oscar-winning screenwriter lined up his directorial debut, but he has taken on a role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi flick Interstellar.

While we still don’t have any information regarding Damon’s role (or really any other roles in the film for that matter), we do know that it’s only a small part and he’ll be filming in Iceland for two weeks. The entire shoot will run about four months. Between this new role in Nolan’s wormhole tale and his excellent performance in Elysium, the actor could quickly become a fixture of the genre.

In addition to joining Nolan’s all-star cast, it’s also been announced that Damon will make his directorial debut with A Murder Foretold, which Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio penned. The story is based on a 2008 New Yorker article by David Grann which tells the true story of a man who is killed in Guatemala, but left behind a videotape implicating the president, his wife, and others close to the first couple in his killing.

Though I wish Damon’s role in Interstellar was a larger one, the fact he’ll be under the direction of Nolan certainly should benefit his directorial debut, as it marks another top-notch director that the actor can observe first hand. You may remember that Damon was slated to make his directorial debut with Promised Land, but was unable to do so due to commitments to Elysium.

At this rate, by Friday we may hear Damon’s been cast as Aquaman. Who knows?

What do you think of Damon joining Interstellar? What about A Murder Foretold as his directorial debut? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.