Matt Damon Takes The Lead In Alexander Payne’s Downsizing


The year’s biggest rumour concerning Matt Damon’s future slate was undoubtedly the suggestion that he’d be returning to his career-defining franchise for Bourne 5. While that prospect had fans holding their breath for confirmation, the actor began eyeing up a role in Legendary Pictures’ The Great Wall. Per Deadline, we’ve now learned that Damon will no longer be scaling the infamous wall in Zhang Zimou’s China-based epic, as he’s in the crosshairs for Alexander Payne’s next pic, Downsizing.

As a matter of scheduling conflicts, the Oscar winner has bowed out of the Chinese zombie tale and has opted to board the indie darling’s next project. So far, there’s only a brief hint at what the story entails, but it’s enough to tantalize our cinematic tastebuds:

The pic is a social satire in which a guy realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself.

20th Century Fox are developing the flick based on a script by Payne and his long-time writing collaborator Jim Taylor. The pair have established a winning formula for success after they won the Best Adapted Screenplay for Sideways. However, the script will likely be the last of Payne’s concerns, as Downsizing has been in development for years.

In fact, the helmer had originally aimed to lens the social satire in 2009 before The Descendants was even a glint in his eye. That initial line-up had Paul Giamatti and Reese Witherspoon attached to star as a financially-struggling couple who elect to shrink themselves to save money, with Sacha Baron Cohen on board to play two identical twins. For such a mind-bending concept, Fox were reluctant to stump up the funds for CGI and the project was put into hiatus. That is, until today.

Whether or not any of the earlier cast are still attached is unknown at this stage. Considering that Payne himself has termed the pic an “epic masterpiece,” we’re hoping that today’s news kicks Downsizing back into gear.