Matt Damon Wakes Up In New Elysium Clip, And Jodie Foster Was A Man


While watching all the trailers, clips, and promotional footage of Elysium, did you ever wonder what it was like when Matt Damon woke up that morning? Well you’re in luck! New footage just released via IGN shows that very moment. Take a look!

So now that we’ve established the manner in which he woke up, hopefully we’ll get further trailers in which he takes his morning constitutional, eats breakfast, and checks his emails. Aside from blowing our minds with Matt Damon’s sexy mornings, director Neill Blomkamp revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Jodie Foster’s character was initially written as a man, but a revelation made it clear to the director that the character could be a woman. Jodie Foster was only too happy to oblige, as she was such a fan of the director’s previous film District 9 that she “…felt it was a perfect movie that I wished I’d been a part of… I was just like, ‘Whatever Neill does next, I’ll do.'”

Casting Jodie Foster adds an element of class to the film – not to say that Matt Damon doesn’t bring that, but he’s known for action roles. Jodie Foster is of such pedigree – The Silence of the Lambs, Taxi Driver, Contact – that her interest is a boon for the project. Not that they thought they could get her, initially – Neill Blomkamp went on to say, “I thought, ‘That would be f—ing awesome, but there’s just no way …But then, within,  like, a day I had a meeting with her and she said, ‘I want to play it.’ I was like, ‘Holy s—!’”

Holy s— indeed, Neill Blomkamp. Holy s— indeed.

Elysium is released on August 9th. Be there (the cinema) or be elsewhere, maybe in the park or seeing friends somewhere outside of a cinema environment.