Matt Dillon Will Chase A Trio Of Pensioners In Going In Style Remake


New Line Cinema’s habit of remaking its own titles every ten or so years, presumably to “keep them fresh,” is reaching farther back in time for Going In Style. Based on the 1979 movie by Martin Brest (Scent Of A Woman), the 2015 version is ploughing ahead with Zach Braff taking over directorial duties from the film’s writer Ted Melfi and a leading man finally locked down.

According to the latest report from Deadline, Matt Dillon is on board to play an FBI agent tasked with tracking a bunch of cantankerous pensioners whose later-in-life hobbies involve bank robbery. The original seventies outing featured George Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasburg as three elderly New Yorkers who choose to stave off the boredom of old age by robbing a bank. Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin, a superb line-up, play that same trio in Braff’s version. Instead of robbing the bank just for something to do though, this contemporary take will frame it so that their pensions are under threat and they decide to take their hard-earned cash back from the bank.

With regards to today’s casting news, Dillon will be the thorn in their side trying to capture them after they embark on a thieving spree. His most recent role in the underrated Wayward Pines has him prepped for the law enforcement persona, although chasing down rich old criminals is somewhat different terrain to fighting off vicious human descendants. Or is it?

Filming on Going In Style commences shortly in New York City, with the movie set to open on May 6, 2016.