Matt Reeves Plans To Introduce Batgirl And Nightwing In His Batman Trilogy


When Robert Pattinson was cast as the latest Dark Knight this summer, fans hoped it would mark the beginning of a bright new era for the Caped Crusader on the big screen. And it seems Warner Bros. is hoping that, too, as a new report from Forbes has revealed some exciting details about director Matt Reeves’ plans for The Batman and beyond.

According to the outlet, Reeves is currently looking for the perfect Catwoman and Two-Face for his movie, as well as whichever role it is that Jonah Hill elects not to play (so, either Riddler or Penguin – Hill is likely to go for the former, says our intel). What’s more, it’s possible Batgirl could be introduced in The Batman as well. But even if she doesn’t turn up in the first film, the upcoming Batgirl movie is due to tie into the world of Pattinson’s Bats.

As the solo movie suggests, Barbara Gordon seems to be a big priority for WB, but there’s still a good chance of Nightwing also appearing in the DCEU thanks to Reeves. “Dick Grayson is expected to make an appearance in one of the Reeves movies,” Forbes writes. This will come “probably in the form of an origin story (whether that’s the film’s main plot or a subplot, however, remains to be seen).”

WGTC previously brought you the news back in June that The Batman was set to kickstart an entire Gotham cinematic universe, as WB has had their hearts set on expanding Bruce Wayne’s world for a long time now but have been stumped by Christopher Nolan’s creative control on his films and Ben Affleck quitting the role after just three movies. If Reeves’ vision is popular, though, it seems like it could produce many sequels, spinoffs and more for years to come.