Matt Reeves To Helm An Adaptation Of Vampire Novel The Passage

Just what we need. Another mainstream, Hollywood product about vampires. They have now been done to death and in the past years we’ve had everything from Twilight to True Blood to Matt Reeves‘ own Let Me In to an atrocious parody Vampires Suck. Do we really need another? Well Fox 2000 seems to think we do and they have signed Matt Reeves to adapt The Passage which is a best selling novel written by Justin Cronin, about an experiment that goes bad, breaks out and turns people into vampires bringing the world to a near apocalypse.

This project according to Deadline has been set up for a while and screenwriter John Logan has spent an awful lot of work on getting the script right for shooting. Now with Reeves in and Logan off doing Sam Mendes‘ 23rd Bond movie, there will be re-writes with a new writer. Reeves is also signed to a sci-fi film, an adaptation of the short story 8 O’Clock In the Morning. There is no move yet on which project will come first but The Passage has a big head start as Reeves has to script the other film.

It’s just hard to get excited now about yet another vampire movie particularly after Let Me In, which was massively overrated and a very poor movie in my opinion. Reeves is solely to blame for that failure. I am a lone voice on that though, many people deem his version to be superior to Let the Right One In (it isn’t) and think his handling of the vampire mythology to be masterful (it isn’t either). So after the critical success of that film, the studio bosses deem him to be the right man for the job. Is he though?

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