Matthew McConaughey May Lead Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

Details on Christopher Nolan’s next film, Interstellar, are currently few and far between. Other than a basic plot synopsis and the fact the original script was written by his brother, Jonathan, we really don’t know a whole lot about the film. Today however, we have the first bit of casting information and it’s an intriguing possibility to think about. Matthew McConaughey has reportedly been offered been offered the lead role of Cooper.

That name is absolutely all we know about the role at this point. In terms of the story, we know that it’s based on the research of Caltech physicist Kip S. Thorne who had a theory that wormholes do exist and can be used for time travel. There’s also hints of some alternate dimensions being involved and a group of explorers. Christopher is giving his brother’s script a rewrite in order to incorporate an idea of his own, so basically get ready for some mind-blowing sci-fi madness.

McConaughey hasn’t accepted the role yet, he’s just been offered it as far as we know, but really, who would say no to Nolan right now? Everything he touches turns to gold, and there’s no indication that Interstellar will be any different. It’d be interesting to see McConaughey in this role too. I honestly can’t decide if I’m excited about the possibility or wary of it. After going on what seemed like an endless streak of rom-coms, he’s been able to take on some more serious and challenging roles lately, and this one definitely would fall into the latter category. But Nolan’s never struggled with casting, so if he thinks McConaughey is right for the part, then I’m on board.

The project was originally supposed to be directed by Steven Spielberg, but he dropped out and then this January, Nolan took over. Nolan and Emma Thomas are producing with Lynda Obst, while Thorne himself will be working on the film as a technical consultant.

What do you think of McConaughey leading Interstellar? Is he an actor you’d like to see work with Nolan? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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