Matthew McConaughey Takes One Small Step For Mankind On New Interstellar Poster

Interstellar Empire has unveiled the all-new poster for Christopher Nolan’s hotly-anticipated sci-fi adventure, Interstellar. The ambiguous, space-set one-sheet situates Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper amidst an alien landscape and while it doesn’t exactly reveal much in terms of new information — this is Christopher Nolan, after all — this latest posters hints at the stark visual style we can look forward to come November. Interstellar-Poster Interstellar will take place in the not-so-distant future, a time when Earth has essentially entered its twilight years and is no longer able to sustain human life. So, in order to find a new place and call it home, mankind rallies together a dedicated band of astronauts — Bruce Willis and co. were out of town, unfortunately — to venture forth into the far reaches of space. Joining McConaughey on the intergalactic voyage are Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow and Christopher Nolan’s own good luck charm, Michael Caine. In terms of the revered filmmaker’s other good luck charm, Wally Pfister, it’s understood that Hoyte van Hoytema — the cinematographer behind another cerebral sci-fi, Her — will take his place given that Pfister moved on to work on this year’s Transcendence. At this stage, there aren’t many concrete details for Interstellar. Granted, Warner Bros. has released a trio of trailers that tease an existential, wholly uplifting experience, but it’ll be fascinating to see whether the film touches upon some of the key questions of human existence — the same ones that Prometheus stumbled over so spectacularly two years ago. Interstellar will launch into theaters on November 7th across North America and the United Kingdom. Until then, let us know if you’ll be rushing to see Nolan’s latest opus in the comments section below.

Source: Empire