Matthew McConaughey Wanted To Play The Hulk, But Marvel Turned Him Down


Matthew McConaughey has come close to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe before, and was offered the role of Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but he turned it down and the part was eventually filled by Kurt Russell. There’ve been rumors linking the Academy Award winner to numerous characters in the world’s biggest franchise over the years, of course, but so far, he’s yet to board the MCU.

A lot of that might be down to sour grapes, after McConaughey admitted in a recent interview that he really wanted to play the Hulk, but he was rejected by Marvel. Although the 50 year-old didn’t reveal many more details other than yes or no answers, he was a huge fan of the Lou Ferrigno TV show when he was growing up, and always wanted to portray Bruce Banner on the big screen.

McConaughey doesn’t divulge which project in question he was turned down for, although it could conceivably be all three live-action versions of the gamma-radiated superhero given that he’s been a regular fixture in Hollywood for over a quarter of a century. Ang Lee’s misguided 2003 effort saw Eric Bana as the title hero, while Edward Norton donned the purple shorts for The Incredible Hulk before being dropped after one movie and replaced by Mark Ruffalo starting with The Avengers.

There’s no denying that Matthew McConaughey is a phenomenal actor, but he feels all wrong for the Hulk. Bruce Banner is typically depicted as a shy and introverted character, something that doesn’t really suit the former rom-com staple’s boundless energy and charisma. Imagine Avengers: Endgame‘s Smart Hulk but with McConaughey’s unmistakable Southern drawl and you’ll get a picture of why it was probably for the best that he was knocked back by Marvel.