Matthew Vaughn May Have Just Been Outed As Star Wars: Episode VII’s Director

Until Disney officially releases the much awaited and vastly speculated name of Star Wars: Episode VII‘s lucky director, every single morsel of possible leakage is going to be over-analyzed, as our population struggles to solve this highly publicized mystery before any confirmation is given.

The most recent tidbit of possible spoilage comes from constant Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass/X-Men: First Class) collaborator Jason Flemyng, potentially letting slip that Vaughn has the sci-fi directing job secured. The Film Stage has provided this nifty little video shot by HeyUGuys of Flemyng being interviewed at the UK premiere of Seven Psychopaths, in which he hints that Vaughn may have the directorial gig locked down. Check out the video starting at about 1:11, when a reporter asks Jason about Matthew’s “possible” involvement in a new Star Wars film:

I hate to stir the pot even more, but let’s take a close look at what Jason says, and if it’s enough to base an educated prediction on. Sorry, it’s my job!

What really holds the most weight here is how Flemyng doesn’t really pay much mind to words like “potentially” or “hopefully,” instead exclaiming “I’m SURE I’ll get the call for Star Wars,” making his quote seem much more like a certainty than a possible dream scenario. This feeling is only hammered home when the reporter asks “Is Matthew interested then,” and Jason reacts first by starting a explanatory sentence seemingly acknowledging Vaughn’s involvement is far beyond the “interested” stage, but then he quickly shuts his mouth and gives the camera a coy little “did I say that” kind of expression, followed by a sarcastic “uhhh, yeah, he’s interested….yeah.”

Alright, again, this is all JUST speculation and analytical guessing, but then again, Mattew Vaughn was one of the first directors mentioned to have connections with Star Wars: Episode VII, and has also been a constant while other names are tossed in and out of the race in a matter of hours, like Colin Tervorrow. It’s hard ignoring the fact Vaughn’s name came up so early in conversation and has hung around this long without good reason, seeing so many other directors as nothing but media hype.

Ultimately, Flemyng could be nothing but a cheeky jokester, poking fun at the whole directorial craze going on with the brand new Star Wars film, but then again, the information could have been an unfortunate slip that brings us one step closer to the truth.  Either way, take a look at the video above and see for yourself. There’s no clear-cut answer to determine if Matthew Vaughn has already been offered Star Wars: Episode VII, but Jason Flemyng sure rocked the boat with that shady statement.

So, you’ve all seen the video by now, what do you think Jason Flemyng meant by those words? Do we have our galactic savior in Matthew Vaughn at last? Can we stop picking directors out of a hat and throwing them into the ever-changing list of possible directors? Or are Flemyng’s words merely being misinterpreted, giving us exactly what we want to hear – certainty. Take to the comments with your own theories and speculations!

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