Matthew Vaughn wants to make ‘colorful, fun’ Superman movie with Henry Cavill

DC fans still aren’t ready to let Henry Cavill go, and it looks like they’re not the only ones hoping that Warner Bros. will bring back The Witcher star for at least one more solo movie as Superman. Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn has revealed he’d love to make a standalone Man of Steel sequel with Cavill, though he admits he would go for a totally different tone from Zack Snyder.

Vaughn is no stranger to the superhero genre, having helmed X-Men: First Class and the Kick-Ass films, but he recalled to The Wrap that he was once “desperate” to make a Superman flick. While that wish never came true, he did just team up with Cavill for his upcoming spy actioner Argylle, and it appears that’s got him thinking about the Kryptonian hero again and his ambitions to bring some color back to his world.

“I was desperate to do a Superman film. Desperate,” Vaughn confessed. “I pitched a big Superman movie before they made Man of Steel. I just got to work with Henry Cavill, which was lovely, on Argylle and he’s unbelievable in it. I still think there’s room for a new Superman film, but a proper Superman film. A colorful, fun Superman movie. Not a dark one.”

Vaughn added that he would absolutely “go off and make a great Superman movie” if the opportunity arose, though he confessed that he’s not even sure who’s currently running DC. The director, who was speaking with The Wrap to promote his Kingsman prequel The King’s Man, went on to open up about his strong opinions on why Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a bad move.

“I just thought it was a mistake putting the Batman vibe into the Superman world,” Vaughn said. “I just think they’re two separate — they’re just not relatable in any way, in my mind. It should be fun. I mean, look, The Dark Knight was obviously different, and it made sense and it was brilliant, as a film and as a comic. But Superman was always… I loved the [Richard] Donner Superman movie, and I think Wonder Woman worked because, I think, Wonder Woman was basically remaking [Donner’s] Superman in a weird way. Yeah, I love Superman.”

Cavill, for his part, has never ruled out the potential for him to don the tights and cape again, so it looks like whether we’ll ever get more from his Man of Steel or not is down to DC. For now, however, they seem keen to expand the Superman brand without him. J.J. Abrams is working on his reboot about a Black Clark Kent while Michael B. Jordan’s developing an HBO Max series about Val-Zod.

Following The Witcher season 2, you can catch Cavill in Argylle, which hits cinemas sometime in 2022.