Matthew Vaughn’s The Secret Service Bags A Spy In Colin Firth



As Kick-Ass 2 prepares for release this summer it looks like director Matthew Vaughn is diving straight into his next project with Colin Firth confirmed to star. Taking inspiration from another of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ comics, The Secret Service has recently completed its narrative in book form and is ripe for the big screen. Vaughn and Kick-Ass scribe Jane Goldman already have a completed script which is said to follow closely the comic’s story.

Firth is to take on the role of Uncle Jack, a suave, smooth and seasoned MI6 veteran who takes aboard his wastoid nephew Gary in the hopes he’ll buck his ideas up, stop being a dole scrounger and put his intelligence (ha!) to the test in a real job. The story sees Uncle Jack and Gary head to a small town embroiled in a mystery surrounding Mount Everest. Firth himself told RogersMovieNation:

“Too early to talk now, but it’ll be unlike anything I’ve ever done.”

The most action Firth has seen onscreen has taken place in a fountain with Hugh Grant while they pull each other’s hair like girls. It’s about time Firth pulled up his boot straps and kicked some arse.

No other casting news has been announced except for the inclusion of Mark Hamill in the film’s opening sequence. Millar approached Hamill during the inception stages of the comic to ask for permission to include him and Hamill has since agreed to sign up for the film. Aaron Johnson of Kick-Ass was pursued for the lead but turned it down.

The Secret Service already has a release date of November 14th, 2014 scheduled, so get it on your calendars now!

Colin Firth as a superspy in a comic book movie? What do you make of Vaughn and Goldman reteaming? Sound off in the comments below.

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