The Third Maze Runner Movie Won’t Be Split Into Two Parts

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In what’s a most unprecedented spot of news, it turns out that the final Maze Runner movie will be just that – one movie. Not two. Speaking to Digital Spy on the status of the sequel, which is gathering pre-production steam, director Wes Ball told the outlet that there’s no chance that the final instalment will be sliced in two.

This will mark a bucking of a recent Hollywood trend. Instigated by the likes of Harry Potter and perpetuated by Twilight and Divergent, the notion of taking a perfectly-adequate feature and turning it into two has caught on fast. Financially, it’s a deft move by the powers that be. Young adult franchises are guaranteed box office draws, so its no wonder studios are seizing the opportunity to make double the profits. Thankfully though, that’s not going to be the case for the final Maze Runner instalment.

“I think three is the number; beginning, middle, end, that’s it,” said Ball on the shape the franchise would take. “Four? I think there’s something off about four. For me, if I have any say in it, there’s three movies basically.” He went on to confirm it once and for all; “We’re not going to [split a book in two], no way. I think three movies is the right number. Star Wars!”

After the critical success of the first movie, the second adaptation was given the greenlight and put into production. Based on the best-selling series by James Dashner, The Maze Runner story follows a group of kids who make their way through a treacherous maze, all the while establishing a new society called The Gladers. The sequel, Scorch Trials, will continue the youngsters’ trek into the unknown. Most of the original cast are set to return, along with a handful of new additions.

The Maze Runner is still showing in select theatres, while Maze Runner: Scorch Trials is set for release on September 18th, 2015.