MCU Architect Kevin Feige Reportedly Wants Wesley Snipes & Nic Cage Back In Their Legacy Roles


In the latest “well that would be really cool” news, GiantFreakinRobot reports that Marvel Cinematic Universe overseer Kevin Feige wants both Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage to reprise their roles as Blade and Ghost Rider, respectively.

The actors would appear in the also rumored Secret Wars movie, which doesn’t have an official release date and is still a few years away (Fantastic Four and X-Men movies need to come out first).

Secret Wars is a legendary property in the Marvel universe. It involves scores of superheroes and features the first appearance of Spider-Man’s black costume before he knew it was an alien being.

Snipes starred as Blade in three movies: Blade (1998), Blade 2 (2002), and Blade Trinity (2004). The movies had a successful run and many fans credit Snipes with making superhero movies cool.

Recently, Marvel announced that the Blade franchise would be rebooted with Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. When asked about the reboot, Snipes said he’d be open to returning to the series as long as the story made sense.

While Nicolas Cage is enjoying a career renaissance as of late with the surprise hit Pig, his stint as the Ghost Rider wasn’t as well received. Cage appeared in Ghost Rider in 2007 and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in 2012. He was nominated for a Razzie Award as the worst actor of the year for the first movie.

Cage is aware of the situation, and he’s commented in the past about his feelings toward the two movies, lamenting the fact that they weren’t rated R.

“Ghost Rider was a movie that always should’ve been an R-rated movie. David Goyer had a brilliant script which I wanted to do with David, and for whatever reason they just didn’t let us make the movie.”

However, the Ghost Rider character is a beloved part of the Marvel Universe and another appearance could inject fresh enthusiasm for the character. Secret Wars, when it comes out eventually, would feature the most amount of Marvel characters in one movie since Avengers: Endgame.

The next big Marvel movie on the docket is Eternals, scheduled for a November 5th release date.