MCU Fans Are Debating Why Iron Man 2 Gets So Much Hate

Iron Man 2

Of the 25 MCU entries that fans have received over the past 13 years, there are a few that receive a worse wrap than others. One of these films is Iron Man 2.

The highly anticipated sequel to the film that kicked off the entire MCU universe, for many fans this film was an enjoyable action flick starring the iconic Marvel character Iron Man, but for others, the film is a mess that completely missed the mark.

One Marvel fan endeavored to find out why Iron Man 2 gets so mad hate and within the community, there were plenty of different suggestions.

Iron Man 2 sees Tony Stark face off against Ivan Vanko, aka the comic book villain Whiplash, and for many fans, this is where the film’s issues stem from. According to some commenters, Whiplash doesn’t have enough depth and underutilizes the talented star Mickey Rourke who portrayed him in the film.

Other commenters highlighted that Justin Hammer would have made a far better main antagonist for Stark in the film, rather than taking the secondary villain spot. The jury is out on this though, as others claim Hammer was the worst part of Iron Man 2 being severely underdeveloped as a character throughout the film.

Among the gripes that fans had with the movie, it seemed unanimous that it wasn’t the worst entry into the MCU to date and still well worth slotting into your MCU rewatch. If you want to see more of what fans had to say, you can check that out here.