MCU fans are falling in love with this killer ‘Doctor Strange’ collectible AMC popcorn bucket

Doctor Strange
Image via Marvel Studios

AMC Theatres are offering a limited edition, exclusive collectible popcorn bucket as official merchandise to promote Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Marvel fans are going crazy. Marketed as a “popcorn vessel,” the AMC Theatres exclusive is a cube-shaped bucket that bears the markings of the magic used in the Mystic Arts.

Posting to Twitter, AMC Theatres provided further details about the vessel. They wrote, “Conjure up your cravings with the Doctor Strange collectible popcorn vessel. This #AMCTheatres exclusive is just $24.99 and includes a Large popcorn. On sale starting May 5th in-theatres ONLY, while supplies last at participating locations.”

For die-hard Marvel fans, $24.99 is a steal. For anyone else, the popcorn vessel probably looks about as useless as a doorstop. Regardless, this is one item that several fans are looking to get their hands on, even if they only use it once. When the exclusive item made its rounds on Reddit, Marvel fans were sharing their thoughts, and the comments are sometimes hilarious, but completely in favor of the creative design, which has been called “incredible” and “badass.”

One Reddit user, who obviously has a wicked sense of humor, related the cube to the Lament Configuration as seen in Hellraiser (1987)—and the comment thread joined in on the fun.

Get your hands on the exclusive merchandise today, May 5, while stocks last. Grab one before they’re all gone. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arrives in theatres on May 6, 2022.