MCU Fans Can’t Tell These Two Actors Apart In Eternals

Marvel’s Eternals hit theaters just yesterday, but fans are still confused about the cast list. While a significant player entered the MCU in the post-credit scenes, some fans are still trying to figure out who’s who in the film introducing us to a group of powerful, and all eternal, heroes.

Maybe confused isn’t the right word; after all — the Eternals have been cast, and interviews have been done. The red carpet event was held ahead of the world premiere, and fans knew who to expect on the big screen.

They didn’t expect to be confused by how similar an Eternals powerhouse looks like another MCU hero. Richard Madden, who plays Ikaris, reminds fans a lot of Sebastian Stan, Marvel’s Winter Soldier.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about the similarities between Stan and Madden.

This user isn’t the only one having difficulty realizing that Madden’s character wasn’t a “weirdly recostumed” Bucky.

This user is amazed that the two look so similar yet so different, and we agree. There are images and moments when they look almost impossible to tell apart, but they’ve also got very different looks.

Many fans thought Bucky was in Marvel’s Eternals when they first saw the trailer.

This Tweet actually cleared up a couple things for this user.

It looks like Madden and Stan weren’t the only two confusing fans. This user didn’t realize that Kit Harrington and Madden were both in the film as separate entities until they watched the movie last night.

You can see Richard Madden in Marvel’s Eternals in theaters now.