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MCU Fans Freaking Out After Marvel Wishes Keanu Reeves A Happy Birthday

MCU fans are freaking out after the Marvel UK Twitter account sent out some birthday well-wishes to Keanu Reeves.

You can’t even wish somebody a happy birthday these days without sending the internet into a state of meltdown. As clearly evidenced by the current social media buzz celebrating 57 years since Keanu Reeves was gifted to the world.

Then again, the action icon was being sent well-wishes by Marvel, so it’s understandable that fans would instantly jump to all sorts of conclusions. It’s not as if Kevin Feige has ever been shy in his desires to bring Reeves into the fold, either, revealing years back that he talks to the star regarding almost every project his outfit puts together. Despite this, the closest he’s actually come so far to joining the MCU was as Captain Marvel‘s Yon-Rogg, a role he passed on in favor of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

As you can see from the reactions below, though, all it took was a tweet from Marvel UK to get the rumor mill turning, especially after it was deleted shortly afterward.

It’s surely an inevitability that Keanu Reeves will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe one day, and that likelihood has only increased as the franchise continues to expand on Disney Plus. Looking at the upcoming film and television slate, we’re getting close to ten new feature films and streaming exclusives on an annual basis, so there’s more room than ever for the Point Break, Speed and The Matrix legend to find the ideal way to board the biggest brand in the business.

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