MCU fans name the unlikely character interactions they desperately want to see

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Over the years, the MCU has served up a load of surprising team-ups that have ended up becoming fan-favorites. Steve Rogers exchanging names with Groot in Avengers: Infinity War springs to mind, for example. But, in a franchise as sprawling as the Marvel universe, there are still countless characters who have yet to meet that folks would love to see cross paths, either because of their similarities or because they’re complete opposites.

Redditor Unhappy_Insurance347 got the people of the Marvel Studios subreddit talking about which MCU heroes they most want to interact on screen in the future. Interestingly, a few names cropped up more than others.

For starters, fans have a lot of hopes for Marvel’s latest addition to their lineup, Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. One popular suggestion was to have him partner up with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock.

Others thought it’d be fun to see Marc Spector meet the product of another mythological pantheon, Thor.

Strange is another common suggestion, actually, as some want to see Benedict Cumberbatch trade quips with Paul Rudd.

Speaking of Ant-Man, how about a union of the MCU’s insect-themed heroes? And here’s hoping Shang-Chi gets to team up with some Avengers soon.

Like Thor, for instance.

Moving on, Yelena and Bucky would probably have a lot in common.

As would the Winter Soldier and Nebula.

Imagine how much fun Loki meeting Rocket would be?

But this response has takes the crown. This would definitely be the character interaction that would save the most lives.

Many of these dream team-ups are completely possible in the franchise, so who knows if we may get some of theses pitches come to life over the rest of Phase Four and beyond. The next MCU projects to come our way are Ms. Marvel, making its streaming debut on June 8, and Thor: Love and Thunder, reaching theaters a month later on July 8.

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