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MCU fans surprisingly not so keen on a Wolverine vs Hulk movie

But if it did happen, who would win?

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The Marvel multiverse has opened up multiple possibilities of old, beloved characters meeting the Disney MCU lineup. But, it seems that not all meetups and confrontations are all that exciting as MCU fans are opening up on their feelings about two well-known Marvel superheroes duking it out in a hypothetical movie.

Reddit user u/One-Ad3222 posted on r/MarvelStudios a small clip of Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine meeting up with the Incredible Hulk. Sadly, this green superhero doesn’t look like Mark Ruffalo’s rendition and leans more towards Eric Bana’s 2003 portrayal of the angry superhero.

The short clip has both Marvel superheroes facing each other in different scenes in the same location before the title “Marvel Studios: Hulk vs. Wolverine” slowly appears.

The idea of two well-known superheroes going head-to-head isn’t exactly a new concept. We had Batman vs. Superman and Captain America: Civil War, where beloved superheroes battle it out just as a flex. So who wouldn’t want another superhero duel? Let’s bring back Hugh Jackman right?!

Well… according to fans, they aren’t that too keen to see a full-length film of these two superheroes fighting each other. While the idea is interesting, they rather see it as a small scene or somewhere in the mid-credits.

While some fans aren’t keen on the idea, they think it’s a good way to introduce Logan to the MCU. However, they want a new angle for the story rather than the usual two heroes punching each other.

But despite the negative commentary, some have expressed interest in the idea and joked about how long the fight will be because of Wolverine’s regeneration abilities and the Hulk… being the Hulk.

The idea of the Hulk facing the Wolverine isn’t new as there is a comic book released back in 2009 titled Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. The comic had six volumes and it’s basically about Wolverine’s mission to assassinate the Hulk, per Nick Fury’s request.

And not to bring suspicion to the Reddit user, but I am… suspicious. The aforementioned comic featured the introduction of ‘She-Hulk‘, who will be having her own Disney Plus series and had its first (horny) trailer debut last week. Hmmmm!

Mixed feelings aside, Jackman has come out in the past that the 2017 Logan film will be the very last time he will portray the iconic superhero. But with Disney owning the Fox Marvel superhero lineup, maybe someone else will take on the role and possibly appear, thanks to the glacial opening of the multiverse. Has anyone checked if Meryl is free?

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