MCU Fans Want A Villain Led Project And They May Have Picked The Best Character

Superhero movies have been around for a very long time and over these many years, the formula of what makes up a successful film has evolved drastically. In the beginning, it was as simple as a clear hero saving the world from an undeniably evil villain, but now things aren’t so simple.

As moviemaking has grown characters have become more developed and even within the superhero film subgenre, we’ve seen villains become more relatable and in some cases give their evil deeds justification. For comic book fans, the best example of this was the massive 2019 DC hit Joker which delved into the tragic past of this iconic Batman villain while giving audiences a front-row seek at his descent into the depths of villainy.

Marvel fans have taken to Reddit to share not only their interest in seeing a similar film created within the MCU but also making some great suggestions for which characters would be perfect for this role.

The original poster explained what this film would look like likening it to Joker or the hugely successful TV series Breaking Bad, and in response one Marvel character has emerged from the pack as the fandom’s most popular choice. That character is the Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom.

As commenters suggested, crafting this film would be as simple as adapting the story front “The Books of Doom” comic series which includes Doom detailing his life from birth and the tragic events that led to him becoming the iconic villain we know today.

While it’s unlikely that Marvel will go this route given that their films usually don’t stray on the darker side the way that DC has done in the past, but if they were to make this a reality, which character would you choose to lead this project?