Former MCU Star Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His New Look

Iron Man

If you follow Robert Downey Jr. on Twitter, you’ll know that he’s been clinging onto the same profile picture for the last few years – a quirky photo of himself in a Tigger onesie. The former Iron Man star has decided to swap silly for suave with his new display image, though, as he’s updated his avatar and shared a full-size version of the pic, showcasing him in a sharp suit and shades, while the caption reads: “New look…”

As you can see in the gallery below, it’s not like Downey Jr.’s completely changed his style and he still has that Tony Stark vibe about him. In fact, this could be a promo image for an unexpected Marvel/Men in Black crossover movie. Nonetheless, the actor has stressed on a few occasions now that he’s donned the Iron Man armor for the final time and has put the MCU behind him.

Given the way the franchise has conditioned us to never say never, though, fans can’t shake the feeling that they haven’t seen the last of him as Tony all the same. There were reports that he had a cameo in Black Widow, which we’re hoping we’ll finally get to see this May. Even if that doesn’t happen, Disney Plus’ upcoming Ironheart TV series, starring Dominique Thorne, will have to have some involvement from Downey Jr. if it follows the comics. As you may know, Riri Williams has an A.I. Tony in her suit – sort of her version of JARVIS.

What we do know for sure is that Robert Downey Jr. is working on is more Sherlock Holmes projects and along with his wife, producer Susan Downey, he’s busy expanding what he’s calling the Mystery-verse on the big and small screens, developing multiple projects based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories. That said, Sherlock Holmes 3 doesn’t appear to be a priority right now, as director Dexter Fletcher says it’s “on the backburner.”