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MCU supporters fall for cruel ‘Eternals’ sequel troll

MCU fans of 'Eternals' get their hopes raised and dashed by a bogus tweet from a 'Discussing Film' parody account.

Ever-hopeful MCU fans of Eternals fell prey to a Twitter troll masquerading as the official account for the entertainment news site Discussing Film.

Fans were initially thrilled when they saw the Tweet from an account with an identical logotype to the site, announcing that Marvel Studios was developing a sequel to last year’s superhero bash. Though Eternals had the worst critical reception of any Marvel Cinematic Universe film ever, it still racked up an impressive $400 million at the box office, and many are eager to watch a follow-up to the first film.

The tweet even claimed that writer/director Chloë Zhao would be at the helm, knowing fans are eager to see her return.

Suspiciously, there was no link to a verifiable source, although the post claimed it was Deadline.

Fans weren’t shy about their enthusiasm, either. The tweet got over 21,000 likes and 2,400 retweets.

A fan called DonutGang4 felt that an Eternals sequel would help people realize that the first movie was a “misunderstood masterpiece”.

At last, reality came knocking and crushed everyone’s hopes when a user called DJBiancaFrost caught on to the prank and called out the account for being fake.

Another user, izzyymotleyy, also called foul.

User trygraptor confirmed that the account was a dupe.

Crestfallen fans soon realized that they were being trolled and that an Eternals sequel remains a distant dream. Nevertheless, they handled the prank with a sense of humor.

While Eternals is widely considered one of the worst MCU films of all time, it did not disappoint at the box office. Whether Marvel Studios will take note of the robust demand for a sequel remains to be seen.

Eternals is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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