New MCU Theory Reveals How Black Widow’s Taskmaster Could Return In Moon Knight

Taskmaster Black Widow

Whenever Marvel tend to introduce a more obscure villain into their cinematic universe, more often than not they’ve ranked as some of the weakest antagonists in the franchise’s history. Thor: The Dark World‘s Malekith, Ant-Man‘s Yellowjacket and Doctor Strange‘s Kaecilus, in particular, stand out as three of the worst, and there’s a lot of people who have never heard of Black Widow‘s Taskmaster before, meaning the movie has a lot of work to do in order to establish him as a serious threat.

However, star O.T. Fagbenle is the sort of charismatic rising talent that the studio have built their ensemble on, and there’s been rumors that not only will Taskmaster be the latest bad guy that Tony Stark was inadvertently responsible for creating, but the post-credits scene could set him up for a recurring role in the future.

As a mercenary, if Taskmaster were to return, then he could be parachuted into any of the MCU’s upcoming movies or TV shows without much explanation being required, and a new theory now speculates that he could potentially be involved in the Moon Knight series that’s in the works for Disney Plus.

Taskmaster and Moon Knight have plenty of comic book history, with the former being contracted by a shady group known as The Committee to track down and kill the latter, before discovering that the job wasn’t quite so simple as he had been led to believe. Taskmaster has the ability to mimic the skills and fighting style of anyone he comes into contact with, but Marc Spector proved to be a much tougher adversary than he could have imagined.

Not only would that give Moon Knight an instant connection to the wider MCU, but the Committee storyline could also potentially be adapted for the first season to establish the character to new audiences, before they go all-in on the more fantastical elements in the future. Of course, this is all dependent on Taskmaster’s fate in Black Widow and as Crossbones star Frank Grillo knows too well, signing a multi-picture deal isn’t a guarantee that you’ll fulfill all of your contractual obligations.