New MCU Theory Says That Galactus Is Hidden In The Power Stone


With the Disney/Fox merger going ahead, Marvel Studios should get their hands on a whole host of tantalizing new characters to play with in Phase Four and beyond. Apart from the likes of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, someone that fans keep bringing up as having a lot of potential in the MCU is Galactus. After Thanos, there aren’t many villains who could pose a greater threat than the Mad Titan, but the Devourer of Worlds is certainly one of them.

But what if Galactus is already in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we just never knew it? YouTuber Webhead AKA Ryan Walsh discusses this intriguing fan theory in his latest video, which puts forward the idea that Galactus is actually trapped in the Power Stone. It’s a bit out there, but listen to what he has to say.

The argument kicks off with the fact that the Infinity Stones are explained to be concentrated singularities that predate the beginning of the universe. In the comics, Galactus himself is a force that existed before the Big Bang. The key piece of evidence, though, is that flashback in Guardians of the Galaxy which shows an ancient Celestial being using a staff containing the Power Stone to destroy a planet.

For one, the Stone’s power set matches Galactus’ MO perfectly. Secondly, the staff closely resembles the villain’s distinctive helmet. Walsh doesn’t mention this, but obviously the clincher is that both the Stone and villain are purple. Come on, it all fits so perfectly!

Unfortunately, a similar theory has been touted before when one fan suggested that the GotG was hinting at Galactus‘ future role in the MCU and director James Gunn responded by ruling it out. However, fan theories that were deemed too good to not be canon have previously made their way into the MCU before – Gunn himself tied Stan Lee to the Watchers in Vol. 2, for example – so who knows what might happen in Phase Four and beyond.