The MCU’s Next Few Story Arcs Have Reportedly Been Revealed


The MCU is at the beginning of a brand new Phase, having just wrapped up the Infinity Saga that’s been unfolding for the past 10 years. We’ve heard that Marvel won’t be attempting one single major storyline like the one involving Thanos and his quest for the Infinity Stones in the near future but rather, several smaller story arcs that’ll affect the different pockets of the MCU. And while we’ve discussed a few of them before, now we’ve got a list of a couple of the arcs that are in the works.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us Marvel had plans to bring Moon Knight and Black Knight into the MCU – the studio is looking to tackle adaptations of Secret Invasion, Secret Wars and Annihilation, among others (including an unspecified earth-based and cosmic-based threat). When we’ll see them all play out and how exactly they’ll unfold remains unclear, but we’ve been told that Kevin Feige and co. definitely want to adapt them in the near future.

If you’ll recall, we’ve previously brought you the news that Captain Marvel 2 may set up a Secret Invasion storyline, but with the Kree infiltrating the Earth instead of the Skrulls. And as for Secret Wars, this is the first time we’ve heard that Marvel is actually developing the idea, but given all those instances where the Russo brothers have said they’d love to do a movie based on the event, it makes sense that the studio would be interested in it.

The fact that there will be an Earthbound and a cosmic threat going forward is familiar to us, as well. It’d been assumed that Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers would serve as the former, but Sony taking Spider-Man back has put a damper on that. Doctor Doom is said to be the next big bad in Osborn’s place though and as for the cosmic threat, a few folks have been suggested, including Korvac, Annihilus and, most recently, Galactus.

Given the eclectic nature of the movies coming in Phase 4, we’d expect the aforementioned story arcs to take a bit of time to materialize, much like the Infinity Saga did. Not to mention that some changes from the comics will obviously have to be made as well. But these are what we can apparently look forward to from the future of the MCU and as soon as we learn more, we’ll be sure to let you know.