Media Rights Capital Could Bring The Dark Tower To Fruition

Just as Warner Brothers were quick to pass on The Dark Tower, Media Rights Capital were quick to move straight into talks to take on the mammoth production. This news comes almost within hours of the news that Warners had passed, hinting that Ron Howard’s epic vision for The Dark Tower is a great project that people just aren’t willing to take a gamble on.

According to Deadline, Media Rights Capital are in “serious talks” to take on the project, recognizing that this has the potential to be a huge money spinner for them. They are very conscious of the fact that they are riding on a high wave of success after backing Seth MacFarlane’s Ted, which more than exceeded expectations at the box office. This means they have a good amount of money to fund The Dark Tower, which will constructed of three films and two limited run TV series.

This is clearly a studio who are very intent on expanding but also unafraid of making moves on high risk productions. They were one of the funders for the equally ambitious film Cloud Atlas from the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer and next year will see them release Neill Blomkamp’s new film Elysium. Not to mention the fact they are the primary backers behind David Fincher’s House of Cards TV series for Netflix. All things considered, the company seems like a perfect home for the project.

The deal for The Dark Tower is expected to happen very quickly, meaning we could be seeing Ron Howard’s version on screen sooner than we thought.

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