Meet InGen’s Private Security Division In New Spot For Jurassic World


Snow might still cover the ground of a large section of the United States right now, but we are already gearing up for the major summer releases. Among the biggest will assuredly be Jurassic World, the next installment of the Jurassic Park franchise that introduces us to some new heroes, new dinosaurs, and old corporate stupidity. While we’ve already seen quite a few trailers and images from the film already, the marketing strategy for Jurassic World goes deeper than that, providing a new viral video that introduces us to the not-dinosaur and/or Chris Pratt side of the film.

The video comes from the Jurassic World sub-site Masrani Global and introduces us to InGen’s Private Security Division, headed by Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio). As you can see from the video, InGen has decided to be very careful with its dinosaurs this time around, with an elite force to provide security and protect the visitors in the park. I wonder what could possibly go wrong?

Personally, I always enjoy little viral videos like this that pull you into the world of the film via apparent public service announcements and commercials for non-existent corporations. Given some of the information thrown out in this video, we can assume that this private security force is not going to be very effective once the dinosaurs begin to run rampant.

In addition to the new video, a number of Jurassic World toys have been announced. Among them is the Stegoceratops, a Stegosaurus/Triceratops hybrid. This could be hinting at more hybrid dinosaurs in Jurassic World, although we must remember that toys hardly indicate the direction of a film.

Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12. Watch the new video above and check out the Stegoceratops toy below. If you’re not excited for this movie yet, it’s not from lack of marketing appeal.


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