The Meg Author Responds To Fans Who Are Disgruntled Over The Trailer


Earlier this week, Warner Bros. uncaged the first trailer for Jon Turteltaub’s The Meg. Scheduled for release towards the end of the blockbuster season, the very thought of watching Jason Statham go toe-to-toe with a prehistoric super-shark on a blistering summer night is enough to get a cinephile perspiring.

An adaptation of Steve Alten’s Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, Turteltaub’s rendition, like most book-to-film translations, will be an experience that differs, if only slightly, from the adventure found on the pages written by the New York Times Bestselling author.

While the trailer for The Meg received mostly positive feedback, fans of Alten’s source material aren’t too pleased with Warner Bros.’ deviations from the book. They’re so exasperated, in fact, that the author’s now penned an extensive Facebook post to address those who’ve been grousing about the “few minutes of trailers.”

Jason Statham in Meg

In his open letter, Alten praised the footage shown in The Meg’s preview and graciously thanked fans for their devotion to his science-fiction horror novel.

“I know there are some of you who are disappointed that the movie varies from the book. I completely understand, and take it as a compliment. However, you are basing your opinion on a few minutes of trailers – and some seriously great footage. The Mariana Trench looks incredible in the International trailer. As far as the Meg being albino – they tried. Albinos in real life don’t look natural, in CGI they look fake. I applaud their decision.”

Furthermore, Alten detailed the anxiety he experienced while reading the original treatment given to him by New Line Cinema. The Meg author then went on to explain that the screenplay Warner Bros. used during filming “sprang from” a script he wrote with producer Belle Avery.

“When I read the scripts from Hollywood Pictures and New Line Cinema, my friend Nick Nunziata had to talk me off the ledge. There was no Mac, no recognizable scenes… hell, Shane Salerno had Tanaka as a whaler from Japan who is whaling in California… huh? He wrote Moby Dick with a shark. When New Line reverted the rights, I wrote the next script with producer Belle Avery. That is where the final movie script sprang from.”

Lastly, Alten appeared to take no joy in defending his career choices to those who accused him of “selling out” before concluding the earnest note with nothing but praise for the WB project.

“As for accusing me of “selling out” what does that even mean? I am honored to have a studio WANT to buy my work. If selling out is defined as earning money to feed my family, then sure. None of you know how hard the last 22 years have been — the last eleven with Parkinsons. As a full-time author, I live between paychecks, and have borrowed money from my late Dad, my mom, and a close friend to keep this dream and career alive. Selling out? As opposed to taking the project to the grave with me?”

“MOST IMPORTANT – this is a really amazing movie…one that I believe will earn in excess of a BILLION DOLLARS and spawn some even better sequels. As always, you are invited along for the ride… what would I do without you?”

Jon Turteltaub’s The Meg, starring Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, and Rainn Wilson, will open on August 10th.

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