Mel Gibson Will Lead Blood Father

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I wouldn’t exactly say that Mel Gibson is staging a comeback, but he’s definitely starting to get his groove back a bit. He was enjoyable in Machete Kills, even if the film itself wasn’t all that great, and I thought that Get The Gringo was definitely underrated. Again, he’s not the A-lister that he once was, far from it in fact, but he has started to put the pieces of his career back together after a very public meltdown.

Today, Deadline reports that the actor has signed on to lead Blood Father, an action thriller penned by The Town scribe Peter Craig. Said to be in the vein of Taken, the film will follows an ex-con (Gibson) who has to protect his estranged daughter from some nasty drug dealers. Behind the camera will be Jean-François Richet, who previously helmed the excellent Mesrine.

While the plot sounds as generic as they come, it will be nice to see Gibson taking on another action-oriented lead role. Despite his recent troubles, I still find him entertaining as an actor and if Blood Father can aid him in his comeback, then I’m all for supporting it. Plus, Richet’s involvement is definitely a positive sign. I really loved Mesrine (both parts) and having him behind the camera might help to elevate this from being just another Taken clone.

Tell us, are you happy to see Mel Gibson signing on for the lead role in Blood Father? Sound off below!

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