Mel Gibson Replaced In The Hangover 2, Guess Who Took The Role

A few days ago we reported that Mel Gibson would have a role in The Hangover 2, similar to the Mike Tyson role in The Hangover. While now it seems as if he has been replaced. The real reasons why are not known but apparently some of the lead actors weren’t happy with the casting choice.

So now that Mel’s out, the role needs an actor to fill it. The latest reports are telling us that Liam Neeson is going to take over the role. Apparently Bradley Cooper, Neeson’s co-star on The A-Team, helped bring Neeson on board.

I think Gibson would have been funnier but Neeson is a great actor who could probably play the role well. The role is that of a tattoo artists who apparently will be pivotal to the storyline just as Tyson’s character in the original was. I think Gibson would have meshed with the cast better than Neeson and plus they could have done some funny self-parodying stuff with Gibson and his real life troubles.

Either way, Gibson or Neeson, The Hangover 2 is going to be great. The first one was amazing and I can’t wait for the sequel.