Mel Gibson Says “We’ll See” When It Comes To Directing Suicide Squad 2


Although moviegoers eagerly anticipating The Batman can seemingly breathe a sigh of relief knowing that director Matt Reeves is now steering the franchise, it’s probably safe to assume that many of us were taken by surprise upon hearing the news that none other than Mel Gibson is being courted by Warner Bros. to direct Suicide Squad 2.

Despite having a history of making controversial remarks that I’d rather not get into here, Gibson is indeed a well respected actor and filmmaker. It’s just that many of us were left baffled by his recent statements deeply criticizing not only Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the superhero genre in general. While it’s completely understandable that everybody may not have the same stance when it comes to individual movies, to pan an entire genre is tantamount to fightin’ words among fanboys. Therefore, it’s completely within reason to question whether he’s the right man for the job.

That aside, Entertainment Tonight caught up with Gibson on the red carpet for last night’s Academy Awards and asked him if he is indeed planning to helm Task Force X’s next mission, to which he responded:

“I don’t know. I just met some guys about story points. It’s not a done deal or anything, but it’s just fun to shoot the bull, you know, when it comes stories. I love doing it. And if we can elevate any type of concept, it’s good.”

Beyond that, he added, “Yeah, we’ll see,” so now the waiting game begins. While no theatrical date is scheduled for Suicide Squad 2, it’s fully expected that it will arrive after Gotham City Sirens, which is set to be directed by David Ayer.