Melanie Laurent Stars In New Dior Ad Directed By John Cameron Mitchell

Dior is know for creating beautiful ad campaigns and it seems they have done it again. The company previously had the Miss Dior Cherie campaign starring Natalie Portman and directed by Sofia Coppola and they also did a Charlize Theron in the Jean-Jacques Annaud directed J’Adore ad campaign.

Dior also created the Lady Dior campaign with Marion CotillardDavid Lynch, Olivier Dahan, Cotillard’s La Vie en Rose director, and John Cameron Mitchell, directed her in three short films and while they were all stunning, Cotillard and Mitchell’s Lady Grey London may be one of the most beautiful short films ever made, with a budget of a little under $1 million dollars, for an 8 minute ad.

Now, John Cameron Mitchell, who is best known as the director of Rabbit Hole, is back with a new ad starring a good friend of Cotillard’s, Inglourious Basterd’s Melanie Laurent. The ad is for Dior’s Hynoptic Poison and the clip features Nina Simone‘s excellent take on the song I Put A Spell On You.