Melissa McCarthy ‘Cannot Be More Excited’ For Ghostbusters



While the web has put forward its divisive opinions on Sony’s upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, its director, Paul Feig has opted to playfully ignore detractors and focus on bringing a new lease of life to the franchise.

As we all know by now, four female ‘busters are set to lead the series into a new era commandeered by long-time Feig cohort, Melissa McCarthy. Since 2011’s Bridesmaids, the director and star reunited for 2013’s buddy cop comedy The Heat and this summer’s critical smash Spy. On their fourth collaboration, the pair are set for yet another reunion. This time, it will be with Bridesmaids‘ Kristen Wiig, who along with Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones will be strapping on a proton pack for the spooky update. And, as expected, McCarthy is very excited about it.

Here’s what the actress told Total Film about the flick:

“Oh my god, I cannot be more excited to reboot it. I mean, I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan – who isn’t? I’ve seen that movie, like, 50,000 times. I just introduced it to my two kids, who loved it.”

“To get to work on such a great thing with that group of women is a dream. I’ve known Kristen [Wiig] forever, and I know Kate [McKinnon] and Leslie [Jones] from SNL, so it’s just going to be a blast.”

Much like her director Feig, McCarthy was quick to shoot down any negative talk surrounding the movie. The actress went on to reveal her ambition for the flick. Specifically, whether or not this new outing will be able to do Feig’s revitalized vision justice:

“Absolutely. For sure. Yes because it’s a female cast, but also because is going to put a really modern, current twist on it. It will be scary and have good action. He pulls from the classics but he’s a very modern director. I truly believe they could not have picked a better director to launch that franchise.”

McCarthy’s comments strengthen earlier talk made by Feig concerning the film’s style. He’s spoken out in the past to ensure folks are aware this future movie isn’t simply a comedy – it’s a scary comedy.

Ghostbusters opens on July 22, 2016.

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