Melissa McCarthy And Ryan Lee Will Be In The Knocked Up Spinoff

Melissa McCarthy, arguably the biggest breakout star of Bridesmaids, is set to star in Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up spinoff alongside Ryan Lee, the 15-year-old actor who played Cary in Super 8.

In Bridesmaids, McCarthy played a Zach Galifianakis-like character who was clearly the odd one out, while Lee played the metal-mouthed aventurous friend of the film’s lead in Super 8Bridesmaids recently passed Sex and the City as the highest grossing, R-rated, female-driven film of all time, and Super 8 is clearly one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters.

McCarthy and Lee’s co-stars in the still-untitled spinoff will include the likes of Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, and Megan Fox.

Though most details are unknown, it’s being reported that Lee will play McCarthy’s son, at the school where Rudd and Mann’s children attend. In real life, the child actors who play their adorable daughters are those of director/writer Judd Apatow and wife, Leslie Mann.

Production on the film is currently underway with an expected release date of December 21, 2012.