Melissa McCarthy In Talks For Spy Comedy Susan Cooper


I think by this point we’re all pulling for Melissa McCarthy. Since her breakout role in Bridesmaids, she’s become a movie mainstay, with her TV show Mike & Molly and her role in the sleeper hit The Heat, alongside Sandra Bullock. Now McCarthy is in talks to rejoin Bridesmaids and The Heat director Paul Feig in the spy comedy Susan Cooper.

According to reports, the actress is likely to take the lead role in the film, which is being treated as a potential franchise, close in tone to The Heat in terms of realistic action in the midst of a comedy. In other words: don’t go looking for Spy Hard or Austin Powers here. The negotiations right now turn on McCarthy’s scheduling for Mike & Molly, which have to be worked through before they solidify a deal. Given the involvement of Feig, it looks likely that McCarthy will join the cast.

I’m pleased that Melissa McCarthy keeps getting roles. It’s nice to see a very funny woman getting to lead her own films. She also gives the lie to Hollywood claims that female-centric films do not make money. The Heat did very well at the box office; enough to inspire talk of a sequel. While it would be nice to see her appear in something not directed by Feig, he’s at least encouraging strong female characters in the movies; strong female characters who don’t dress and look like supermodels too.

Feig has claimed that Susan Cooper was inspired by the James Bond reboot of Casino Royale, which indicates the direction that he wants to go with the film. We had an excellent reboot of Get Smart not too long ago, so it’s nice to see the ladies get some of their own back with some spy comedies.

We’ll keep an eye on the casting for Susan Cooper and let you know when more details are forthcoming.