Mera Reportedly Replaces Aquaman In Knightmare Scene For Justice League Snyder Cut


The Snyder Cut of Justice League only exists because the fans spent two and a half years relentlessly campaigning for it, so you can guarantee that Zack Snyder will be going out of his way to double down on making them happy when his brand new version of the movie arrives exclusively on HBO Max next year.

A redesigned Steppenwolf, black suit Superman and the absence of even a single frame shot by Joss Whedon are all steps in the right direction as the filmmaker looks to deliver the epic blockbuster that he had hoped to make the first time around, as well as the one that the fanbase wanted to see all along.

However, one potentially sticky situation could be the involvement of Amber Heard, with the actress becoming the least popular figure in Hollywood as Johnny Depp’s supporters appear to have made it their mission to railroad her out of the industry completely. Still, while people were calling for boycotts of Aquaman 2, there wasn’t any noticeable pushback when it was revealed that she would be suiting up as Mera for the recent Justice League reshoots.

Then again, the additional footage is only going to add four or five minutes onto the running time of the film, so we shouldn’t be expecting anything substantial, but insider Daniel Richtman now claims that the character’s involvement will come as part of the extended Knightmare sequence, where she’ll have taken possession of Aquaman’s trident and also occupy his spot on the team.

“In the Snyder Cut Mera has the trident in the Knightmare future and is taking Aquaman’s spot on the JL,” he says.

Cue plenty of jokes that have ‘Amber Heard’ and ‘Knightmare’ in the same sentence, but based on how the 34 year-old is currently being perceived by certain sections of the media, any alternate reality where she’s a key member of the Justice League is a harrowing proposition to a lot of folks.